Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Extreme Rain Hits Pensacola

After unending rains since June 7, 2012, many areas along the Florida Panhandle and Alabama coast are submerged in flood waters. The NOAA Hydrometeorological Prediction Center estimates that Pensacola received up to 27" of rain since Thursday. Similar rain amounts were also recorded in Mobile. This image sums all of the rainfall data from June 7-11, 2012 from NOAA's Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service.

Observed rainfall for June 7-11.  Click on image for a larger version.  Image Credit: NOAA\AHPS.

The surge of moisture began to ride over a stationary front along the central Gulf coast.  Waves of storms pounded the area which moved to the northeast over the weekend.  This brought some much needed rain to drought-stricken areas of the Southeast, but left parts of Pensacola and Mobile flooded.

It is interesting that this extreme rain event was not the result of a tropical storm, but rather a stationary front with an approaching weak upper-level disturbance.  It was simply able to tap copious amounts of moisture south of the stationary front.

Dry weather is returning to the area for the moment.  This will give residents time for any clean-up that is necessary.  However, computer models hint that more rain will hit the area toward the end of next week.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Drought Monitor will be updated Thursday morning.  This will have new information on the status of the drought in the Southeast.  There will be a more extensive post after its release.  Stay tuned!