Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give Thanks for Quiet Weather

Thanksgiving Day is the fourth Thursday in November so that the date changes each year.  This year it is on the 22nd which is the earliest that it occurs.  For Christmas shoppers it means you have more time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to get those gifts.  Next year, 2013, Thanksgiving Day will fall on the 28th which is the latest date that it occurs.

The weather can be bitter or balmy or anything in between.  Research by Climate Central shows that in Columbia, SC, the warmest Thanksgiving Day was in 1900 with 81 degrees F.  The coldest temperature recorded has been 21 degrees F in 1970.  It is interesting that 1 inch of snow fell in 1912.  However, there has not been a measurable snowfall on Christmas Day in Columbia.

Click on the image for a larger view.  Image credit: Climate Central.

Today was a beautiful day across the Midlands.  High pressure was in control and skies were clear.  There air mass was quite dry so that there was a large range of temperatures.  The low this morning was 32 F at the airport with a high of 67 F which is a range of 35 degrees.  So it was a chilly start, but it warmed up nicely during the day.

There always seems to be a cold air mass moving through the region around the time of the Thanksgiving weekend.  This year will be no different.  A cold front will pass through the Midlands Friday night and it will be turning colder for the weekend.  Some of the coldest temperatures so far this fall are expected by Sunday morning.

However, Thanksgiving Day has turned out to be pleasant most of the time.  In the past 21 years, most of the daytime highs have been in the 60s.  The coldest was in 2002 with a high of 46 F degrees.  The next coldest time was in 2010 with a high of 51 F.  There have been some warm ones lately with a high of 75 F in 1999.

Click on the image for a larger view.  Image credit: WLTX-TV.

Other than the cold front passing through the area Friday night, we can be thankful that the weather is relatively quiet this Thanksgiving.  No storms and no travel problems are forecast through the weekend.  Indeed, it will be quiet for much of the nation.  Enjoy, because winter is around the corner.