Friday, November 9, 2012

The Growing Season Ends For 2012

Frosts and freezes were common across the midlands of South Carolina this morning.  A few areas saw temperatures drop to freezing on the first of November, but most of those readings were in low-lying protected areas.  However, much of the area saw temperatures to freezing this morning.  A few areas like the city of Columbia still have not reached freezing, but most of the area saw enough frost to end the growing season for the Midlands.

Low temperatures for the first-order stations in South Carolina for Friday, November 9.  Image Credit: WLTX-TV.

The usual cold spots saw exceptional temperatures.  Cedar Creek lived up to its reputation as a cold spot this week.  Temperatures of 29, 20, and 25 degrees have been recorded over the past three days.  Pelion recorded a low of 25 degrees this morning.  Needless-to-say, these two stations were the coldest readings observed in South Carolina this morning.

Columbia’s Metropolitan Airport briefly reached 32 degrees on November 1st.  However, this morning it dropped to 31 degrees for the coldest reading this fall.  The first freeze of the season usually occurs in early November so that this is about normal for the fall.

The fall colors peaked this week in the Columbia area.  There are still plenty of leaves to fall and it may be after Thanksgiving this year before most have fallen.  It seems that it is December before the trees are bare for the winter.  This has been the trend in the past couple of decades.  See the prior blog post on the changing leaves.